Sustainable September

Sustainable September: putting the environment first. The environment and climate change is a topic of priority for most retailers. Fast fashion is one of the largest contributors to C02 emissions globally.

Everyday, tons of materials are incinerated along with microfibres and plastics being dumped into the oceans. This enables the clothing industry to keep up with the ongoing demand for new items. The clothing industry alone contributes approximately 10% of all carbon emissions globally which exceeds that of international flights and maritime shipping combined.

Lets be Sustainable in September, and year round!

Sustainability and the Equestrian Industry

In the USA, the equestrian industry contributes over $100 billion to the economy each year, a large percentage of which is spent on equestrian apparel and equipment. Here at Country & Stable we are determined to help you  become a more sustainable rider.

What can we do to reduce our Carbon Footprint?

REDUCE: To reduce the demand for constant supply, we first have to reduce the quantity of products we purchase. This can be done by investing in top quality products, such as the Horseware Rambo turnout blankets. These have a 3-year guarantee and have been known to surpass their expected life-span by several years. Reduce the need to purchase blankets unnecessarily by caring for the ones you already own. By properly cleaning and re-proofing annually this will extend their lifespan.

REUSE: Where you can, purchase second hand items. Why not donate any unwanted tack, blankets and equipment to thrift stores or charity. This will reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

RECYCLE: There are several fashion retailers that now offer to take your unwanted garments for them to be recycled. You can also search online for the nearest textile recycling. This way your clothes can be made into new materials which stops them going to landfill or being burned.

What are we doing to reduce our Carbon Footprint?

Many brands are starting to make a conscious effort with looking at their products and packaging and how they can reduce the impact on the environment. As a company we feel it is important to look at what we can do to help.

All of the stock we purchase is shipped to us from our distributors, this comes within it’s own protective packaging. To help reduce waste we will reuse as much of this packaging as possible.  This will be done by using the suitably sized boxes sent to us for shipping our orders. Along with re-purposing paper, bubble wrap and packing peanuts to pad and protect items in transit.

Many of our products are fabric based and it is important these are protected from the elements in the shipment process. To ensure orders arrive to you in perfect condition after leaving the warehouse, they are packed within white bags. We use cardboard boxes to ship any items that are less susceptible to water damage.

We currently use plastic tape. In an effort to reduce our plastic consumption we are going to make a switch to a paper tape. We will implement this as soon as our current stock runs out.

Did you know…?

The white bags we use can actually be recycled! These are all made from polypropylene (see logo below). Check your local authority to ensure this is recycled in your area or find a local recycling point.


Our Courier’s Packaging:

FedEx provide packaging made of 2 materials to ship customer orders from the UK to the USA.

1. The outer is a high-density Polypropylene (see logo below). This is usually recyclable; check with your local authority to ensure this is recycled in your area.

High-density Polypropylene


2. The inner padding is low-density Polypropylene (see logo below). The bubble wrap is only reusable and not usually recyclable. Save this to package any delicate items that you wish to post or transport.

Low-density Polypropylene

What about our office?

Computers are closed down at the end of the day.

We reduce printing excess paperwork and recycle throughout the building.

Inhabiting the office are various plants which all help purify the air and help bring wellbeing to the staff.

Employees have the option to work remotely reducing the need to travel.


What are Equestrian brands doing to reduce their Carbon Footprint?

Several brands have released eco ranges that are of a more sustainable nature. With this change they have started looking at the packaging. Toggi now send their clothes in compostable bags. Flex-On and Charles Owen have redesigned boxes to be plastic free!

Blanket brands like Horseware Ireland, WeatherBeeta and Bucas all come in reusable bags. Reuse these to store/transport other items or blankets that are not in use.


Click on the links below to find out what our brands are doing:




Charles Owen


Eco-friendly Riding and Equestrian Apparel

Several equestrian brands have been focusing on the composition of the materials used to make their clothing. Shop sustainable equestrian products made from recycled and ethically sourced materials:


Toggi Ladies Trek Long Down Coat









The Toggi Ladies Trek Long Down Coat looks and feels amazing! Crafted with 100% recycled polyester and an ethical down feather filling,  Heat-sealed and is finished with a superior water-repellent finish, you’ll never be caught off guard by winter showers!


Ariat Ladies Eco Cruiser Shorebound









This eco- friendly boat shoe is perfect for the summer. A breeze to wear, the slip-on design is comfortable and ideal for everyday featuring a recylcled rubber sole.


My LeMieux Luxe T-Shirt

Made from recycled plastic the My LeMieux Luxe T-Shirt is a super example of stylish yet eco-friendly clothing.


Sustainable Horse Blankets

Several horse blanket brands are making huge efforts to recycle used plastics:

WeatherBeeta Green Tec 900D Deatch A Neck Medium Turnout

The WeatherBeeta Green Tec 900D Detach Medium Turnout 200g fill features all the superb quality of a WeatherBeeta. With it’s ECO friendly 900 denier outer and 150 denier lining manufactured from recycled plastic bottles this blanket has an environmentally friendly twist!


Horseware Amigo AmEco Bravo 12 Plus Turnout 100g

Innovating for a green future, Horseware are proud to bring you the AmEco Bravo 12 Plus Turnout 100g. The first turnout made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. The rPET material is an astounding feet of brilliant engineering and a standard 75″ rug compromises of approximately 218 recycled plastic bottles.