Acavallo Adjustment Pad Rear (Out of Stock)




Product Description

Acavallo Adjustment Pad Rear

Have the ideal fit with the Acavallo Adjustment Pad Rear. These adaptable pads are suitable for using with the Shaped and Just Gel Lambskin Half Pads also available in our range. Multiple pads can be layered in the same position for a greater saddle fit and bi-lateral equilibrium. Shim pads can be tailored to the most suitable size. This pad is ideal for releasing pressure and low spots. Finished with non-slip surfaces for improved security when you’re in the saddle. Available in Clear or Black.

Adjustment Pad Front Features:

  • Gel adjustment shim pads can be used in pairs or separately
  • Many pads can be layered in the same position
  • Greater saddle fit & correct bi-lateral imbalance
  • Shim pads can be effortlessly cut to size
  • Releases unwanted pressure and low spots
  • Non-slip surfaces ensure security of placement
  • Please note this product can take up to 10 working days to arrive.


  • Weight:2 lb
  • Product_Type:Gel Pads

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