Acavallo Gel Rear Riser





Product Description

Acavallo Gel Rear Riser

The Gel Rear Riser made using shock absorbent gel is formed in a “honey comb” design to distribute weight. Acting as either a shock absorber or a riser, this pad is non-slip keeping your saddle firmly in place and is compatible with almost any numnah, saddle pad or square.

Gel Rear Riser Features:

  • Therapeutic gel
  • Shock absorbing 
  • “Honey comb” shape to evenly distribute weight
  • Slip resistant surface
  • Compatible with almost all numnahs, saddle pads and squares


  • Weight:2 lb
  • Product_Type:Gel Pads

1 review

Great rear riser that blends with your saddle

Posted by Wanda on August 22, 2019

I needed a 2″ rear riser for my dressage saddle on one of my horses, after looking at several, I decided to try the Acavallo gel rear riser in black. It doesn’t move under the saddle and does a good job of blending in so it’s not noticeable. It does squish down a little though so rise is more like 1 1/2 inches. It does the job and I like it. It’s easy to clean too, just rinse it off. Glad I bought it! It was delivered quickly as well.