Acavallo Sensitive Bit




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Acavallo Sensitive Bit

Crafted from anti-allergic plastic with reinforced steel cable, the Acavallo Sensitive Bit is gentle but durable. The mouthpiece has been designed to be slightly arched and flattened to ensure that pressure on the tongue, yaws and mouth corners is distributed evenly. The one piece design of the mouthpiece and rings prevents one sided squeezing or pinching and irritations to the palate. This horse bit provides comfortable and secure control of the horse whilst helping the horse to find its own balance. Ideal for schooling young or correction of difficult horses. Available in Black.

Sensitive Bit Features:

  • Anti-allergic plastic
  • Reinforced steel cable
  • Arched and flattened mouthpiece

Please note this product can take up to ten working days to arrive


  • Weight:2 lb

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