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Bucas  Therapy Rug


The Bucas Therapy Cooler stimulates blood circulation and oxygen flow in the horse’s body and back, which heals and reduces both swelling and inflammation and promotes faster healing. These therapeutic blankets are the ideal choice for helping horses including those with back problems or who are a little slow to warm up when riding. It also has been known to accelerate the recovery process of some aliments, and all of this in a natural environment. The Therapy properties cannot be washed out, meaning your blanket can be washed like a normal cooler! Available in Navy.

Therapy Rug Features:

  • Mesh made from stainless steel yarn
  • Helps with arthritis, muscle soreness, soft tissue damage, whither soreness and kissing spine
  • Snap lock magnetic front
  • Internal surcingles
  • Attachment for over rugs
  • Aids blood circulation and oxygen flow


  • Weight:2 lb

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