Catago FIR-Tech Socks




Product Description

Catago FIR-Tech Socks 

The Catago FIR-Tech Socks combines the compression effect with the beneficial therapy effect of the Fir-Tech technology. The socks are suitable for horses that may be prone to getting swollen legs during longer periods of stabling or can be used as a prevention. The FIR-Tech socks contain woven ceramic particles that reflect the horses own body heat as infrared radiation which then helps increase blood circulation, helps improve suppleness and can also help reduce recovery periods. They have been designed with a stretch fit fabric that will fit different leg shapes and fit form mid-cannon to just below the coronet band. Available in Black.   

FIR-Tech Socks Features: 

  • Sold in Pairs 
  • One Size only 
  • Not to be left on for long periods 
  • Can be used in the stable 
  • Can be used during traveling 
  • FIR-Tech technology 
  • Increases blood circulation 
  • Compression effect 


  • Weight:2 lb

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