Collegiate Comfitec Fancy Stitch Bridle




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Collegiate Comfitec Fancy Stitch Bridle

Designed with superior comfort and style in mind, the Colligiate Comfitec fancy stitch bridle features padding across the bridle to relieve pressure, support and provide maximum comfort for your horse. Also with attractive detailed fancy stitching across the high quality European leatherwork. Anatomically shaped and double padded headpiece distributes pressure across the poll and with shaped padding around the horses ears for leading levels of comfort and freedom whatever the riding activity. An all round performer, the comfort features include the ergonomically designed noseband alleviating pressure on the upper jaw as well as cheek straps that are padded to relieve pressure on facial nerves.

Available in your choice of black or brown and for cob, full or warmblood.

Collegiate Comfitec Fancy Stitch Bridle:

  • Soft high quality European leather
  • Detailed attractive fancy stitching across the leatherwork
  • Anatomic and ergonomically padded shaping for superior comfort
  • Highly polished stainless steel fitments
  • Designed to reduce pressure across the horses head
  • Versatile for multiple training and riding activities


  • Weight:2 lb

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