Collegiate Mono Crown Fancy Jumper Fig 8 Bridle




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Collegiate Mono Crown Fancy Jumper Fig 8 Bridle  

Attractive fancy style stitching adds luxury detail to fine quality European leatherwork of the Collegiate Mono Crown padded jumper figure 8 bridle. Softly padded leather, ergonomically designed headpiece and complementing padded brow band and that of the figure 8 leatherwork. Finishing details are the quality polished stainless steel fitments and rubber reins for durability and controlled grip. Available in brown.

Collegiate Mono Crown Fancy Jumper Fig 8 Bridle: 

  • Finest quality European leather 
  • Fancy detailed attractive stitching across the leatherwork 
  • Sheepskin padding at the noseband 
  • Softly padded ergonomic headpiece 
  • Raised, shaped and padded browband and nose band 
  • Highly polished stainless steel fitments 
  • Quality laced reins 


  • Weight:2 lb

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