Danish Design Bertie The Bat Dog Toy

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Danish Design Bertie The Bat Dog Toy 

Just what your pup ordered; Bertie the Bat dog toy is the answer to keep your dog entertained. This luxurious dog toy is made from high-quality materials for guaranteed durability, with crinkle wings to keep your pooch interested and knotted legs great for chewing. Whether your dog is playing solo, or you want to join in, the built-in squeaker is a fun aspect for you both to use, bringing joy to your pets’ face. Great for play and comfort, this soft dog toy can be used as a comforter to reassure your dog when they’re feeling sad or anxious or want something to cosy up to when they have a nap. Dog toys are never indestructible when chewed by canines, so it is essential to look out for damaged or torn pieces on this product and throw the toy away if it breaks. 

Danish Design Dog Toy Features: 

  • The crinkle wings 
  • Two tug knots as feet will keep your dog happy and excited for playtime.
  • Great toy to use in a game of fetch.
  • It contains a built-in squeaker to excite your pup
  • Soft, lightweight cotton
  • It can act as an object of comfort for your dog 


  • Weight:2 lb

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