Danish Design Harry The Hedgehog Dog Toy

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Danish Design Harry The Hedgehog Dog Toy

Super cute plush dog toy, Harry the hedgehog will keep your dog enthused, entertained and comforted. Perfect for chewing on, throwing around and has a crackling material inside as well as a squeaker and rattle. Perfect for all round entertainment. Made from robust fabrics and durable stitching to ensuring it won’t be immediately destroyed by a more enthusiastic pup. 8” in size so ideal for a range of dogs to play with.

Hedgehog Plush Dog Toy Features:

  • Durable fabrics  
  • Robust stitching 
  • Cute hedgehog character 
  • Crackle material inside along with a rattle and squeaker 
  • 8 inches in length


  • Weight:2 lb

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