Elico Chepstow Grooming Kit



Product Description

Elico Chepstow Grooming Kit

Fun and attractive grooming kit for your horse or pony. The Chepstow blue grooming kit has all the essentials you need. A selection of brushes including a dandy and body brush for getting that perfect coat finish. Curry combs for massaging deep in to the coat and removing dirt and harder to remove mud. A fun horse shaped sponge hoof pick and brush and finally an all important main and tail comb to keep you horse of pony knot free. All bundled in a zipper bag with matching blue strap and piping.

Chepstow Grooming Kit Features:

  • Kit bag with colour coordinated strap and piping
  • Body brush and dandy brush
  • Plastic and oval curry combs
  • Hoof pick/brush
  • Plastic mane comb


  • Weight:2 lb

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