Elico Little Piggy Haynet





Product Description

Elico Little Piggy Haynet

If your equine friend is a little on the greedy side then introduce them to the Elico Little Piggy Haynet. The extra small holes (30mm) means that a limited amount of hay will come out so your horse has to slow down when chowing down. Not only will this help them to learn to eat slower but it also aids in easing digestion and keep them occupied for longer. Available in two sizes and colors, pink in standard (90cm long) or black in large (110cm long).

Little Piggy Haynet Features:

  • 30mm mesh size
  • Slows down eating time
  • Aids digestion
  • Pink in standard length (90cm)
  • Black in large length (110cm)


  • Weight:2 lb

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