Elico Newquay Haynet




Product Description

Elico Newquay Haynet

If your horse is a little rough with its haynets then introduce them to the Elico Newquay Haynet. Made to be extra strong the hay net has a 30mm mesh slowing down your horses’ access to the hay. The Elico Newquay Haynet comes in a red and black pattern and features a robust hanging rope with a large ring at the base to enable you to securely hang the hay net.

Newquay Haynet Features:

  • 115cm/46” long
  • Red/black design
  • Robust hanging rope
  • 30mm mesh


  • Weight:2 lb

1 review

Looks like it will hold up

Posted by alazypony@gmail.com on March 5, 2018

My mare learned to open holes in her hay net and can do it quickly so has destroyed several in short order. This one looks sturdier than most so I am hopeful. It holds at least 20 pounds of hay.