Equilibrium Net Relief Muzzle Net for Micklem Bridles




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Equilibrium Net Relief Muzzle Net for Micklem Bridles

Designed specifically for use with the Horseware Micklem bridle and designed with the purpose to alleviate symptoms of headshaking when being pestered by insects. Designed to only cover the top half of the horses muzzle unlike many nose nets that cover the whole muzzle. This allows for the nose net to be unobtrusive and not interfere with the horses breathing and alleviate stress. Other benefits are that because it attaches to the horses bridle there’s no need to remove it every time you ride. Available in Black, suited for Cob/Horse.

Net Relief Muzzle Net for Micklem Bridles Features:

  • Designed specifically for Micklem bridles
  • Contoured mesh for a comfortable fit
  • Helps to prevent horses shaking their head during ridden work
  • 79% of horses showed reduced symptoms in trials at De Montford University
  • Shaped specifically to fit the cross over part of a Micklem® noseband
  • Attached via hook and loop fastenings
  • Permitted for competition use by British Eventing and British Dressage
  • Each standard pack includes 1x Micklem shaped Noseband (medium/large) and 3x Nose Nets (in black)
  • *Micklem is a registered trademark of Horseware Products Ltd


  • Weight:1 lb

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