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Equilibrium Net Relief Muzzle Net

Designed to provide comfort to the horse from annoying insects and also assists with reducing the amount of head shaking in horses during ridden work. The Equilibrium Net Relief muzzle net is unobtrusive and designed to just cover the top of the muzzle unlike other muzzle nets that cover the whole of the muzzle. This enhances comfort for the horse. Clinical trials at De Montfort University showed improvement in 79% of horses who shake their heads. Available in Black, Brown or White.

Net Relief Muzzle Net Features:

  • Lightweight contoured mesh that fits comfortably over the muzzle
  • Ideal for horses that are sensitive to wind, pollen and flies
  • Reduces the likelihood of horses tossing and shaking their heads due to irritations
  • Permitted by British Dressage and British Eventing for use in competition


  • Weight:2 lb

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