Equilibrium Stellar Lead Rope





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Equilibrium Stellar Lead Rope

Made from highly durable Nylon material and with carefully thought out design features, the Equilibrium Stellar™ lead rope could just be your perfect lead rope. Specifically tested to work with the Stellar™ head collar, it was tested on a specially designed rig under scientifically controlled conditions by Dr David Marlin to ensure consistence on the various release points. From the research the lead rope has been developed with a chunky rubber grip at the collar near the clip, to ensure you have control when clipping on un-clipping from the halter and to the furthest point of the lead rope there is a soft cuff for optimum grip, should the lead rope be pulled through your hand whilst with the horse. Durable, robust, soft on the hand and available in Brown, Black or Navy.

Stellar Lead Rope Features:

  • Soft touch to the hand
  • Chunky rubber collar near the clip end for additional grip
  • Handy stop cuff for extra grip at the end of the rope
  • 1.8 metre long
  • Durable and robust nylon material
  • Specifically tested to work with the Stellar™ Head Collar
  • 1 year guarantee


  • Weight:1 lb

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