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Equilibrium Tri-Zone Brushing Boot

If you’re looking for everyday style and performance, Equilibrium’s Tri-Zone Brushing boots are a must for your collection. An inner spacer fabric creates a soft lining against your horse’s leg, acting as a cushion to boost comfort and moisture control. This fabric doesn’t hold water, ensuring the boots stay lightweight, even when wet. The robust outer EVA material is abrasion and scratch resistant, helping to protect your horse from brushing-related injuries. These boots can be worn on the front or hind legs while hacking, schooling and lunging, or turned out. Available in a range of colors.

Tri-Zone Brushing Boot Features:

  • High-quality spacer fabric and EVA Waffle
  • Independently tested for breathability and protection
  • Lightweight and flexible design
  • Wear on the front or hind legs as required
  • For flatwork, hacking, lunging and turnout


  • Weight:2 lb

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