Flex-On Cottage Magnet Inserts





Product Description

Flex-On Cottage Magnet Inserts

Customise your Green Composite Stirrups with the Flex-On Cottage Magnet Inserts. Featuring a quaint and detailed flower pattern on different background colours the Flex-On Magnet Inserts are so easy to take out and replace you will be changing up your stirrups every time you ride. Only suitable for the Green Composite and Aluminium style of frame.

Please Note: Due to being a special order these items may take longer to arrive with you than 7-10 working days.

Flex-On Cottage Magnet Insert Features:

  • Full set of magnetic inserts
  • Quaint flower style magnets
  • Suitable for Green Composite or Aluminium stirrups


  • Weight:2 lb

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