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Flex-On Incline Ultra Grip Customizable Green Composite Stirrups

No matter your discipline in the saddle Flex-On Green Composite Stirrups will enhance your riding experience through their new design. This new generation of stirrup brings you unrivalled comfort due to the shock absorption ability. In a Sport Control study these stirrups were the best for reducing joint fatigue and vibration absorption showing that the rider was able to reduce the burden of muscle work and improve their posture too. The Incline design is best suited for jumping.

The steel frame is treated against oxidation for strength and longevity. With the slot for the stirrup leathers off centre for optimum leg position and better connection. The Green Composite stirrups are a solid frame, there is no retractable arm.

The Flex-On Green Composite Stirrup is now available to be fully customised! From the color of the iron work to the color of the shock absorber you can truly make these stirrups one of a kind. Finished off with a matching color highlight on the logo to match the color of the shock absorbers.

If you need any help or have any queries about this product, please do not hesitate to reach out and speak to one of our customer service team.

Please note that due to the customization of this product we cannot offer refunds.

Customizable Green Composite Stirrups Feature:

  • Custom design for your tastes
  • 800g steel frame
  • Widest point on the foot bed is 7.5cm
  • Inside of the stirrups is 11.5cm
  • Comes with Ultra-Grip footbed tread
  • This stirrup does not come with a retractable arm


  • Weight:2 lb

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