Flex-On Incline Ultra Grip Limited Edition Safe-On Stirrups





Product Description

Flex-On Incline Ultra Grip Limited Edition Safe On Stirrups

Available in exclusive limited edition colors the Safe-On stirrups combine comfort, performance, and safety. Taking on the key components of the Green Composite stirrups the Safe-Ons feature a single branch spring steel frame with a wide footbed to offer you better positioning and support.

An outer branch arm is designed to open when your weight acts against it, such as in a fall from the saddle, allowing your foot to be freed from the stirrup. The minimum weight required to activate this safety feature is 40kg. The arm can be re-engaged into the stirrup straight away so you can get straight back on the horse.

The steel frame is treated against oxidation for strength and longevity. With the slot for the stirrup leathers off centre for optimum leg position and better connection.

We sell the retractable arms and magnets separately so you can add even more customisation to your stirrups.

Customisable Safe On Stirrups Feature:

  • Limited edition colorways
  • Each stirrup weighs 1kg
  • Safety arm releases foot when weight applied
  • Must be more than 40kg in weight to activate safety arm
  • Comes with Ultra-Grip footbed tread


  • Weight:2 lb

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