Flex-On Limited Edition Green Composite Incline Stirrups in Olive Green




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Flex-On Limited Edition Green Composite Incline Stirrups

No matter your discipline, the Flex-On Green Composite Stirrups are ideal for taking your riding experience to the next level! This stirrup’s innovative design utilises shock absorption and optimal positioning to provide unrivalled comfort as you ride. In a Sports Control study, these stirrups were the best for reducing joint fatigue and vibration absorption, showing that the rider was able to reduce the burden of muscle work and improve their posture too. The steel frame is treated against oxidation for strength and longevity, and the slot for the stirrup leathers is off-centre for optimum leg positioning and better connection.

Available in a limited edition Olive Green, these stirrups are as beautiful as they are innovative. Explore our range of stirrup leathers so complete your set-up!

Green Composite Incline Stirrup Features:

  • Weight: 800g 
  • Spring steel frame
  • Hot forged and treated against oxidation
  • Overmolded with an environmentally-sourced polyamide material
  • Offset stirrup leather slot for optimum leg positioning and connection


  • Weight:2 lb

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