Flex-On Safe-On Stirrups Flat Ultra Grip – Black/Red




Product Description

Flex-On Flat Ultra Grip Safe On Stirrups

The Safe-On stirrups combine comfort, performance, and safety. Taking on the key components of the Green Composite stirrups the Safe-Ons feature a single branch spring steel frame with a wide footbed to offer you better positioning and support. An outer branch arm is designed to open when your weight acts against it, such as in a fall from the saddle, allowing your foot to be freed from the stirrup. The minimum weight required to activate this safety feature is 40kg. The arm can be re-engaged into the stirrup straight away so you can get straight back on the horse.

In stock – ready to ship – this is for the Black/Red colorway.

Safe On Stirrups Feature:

  • Custom design for your tastes
  • Each stirrup weighs 1kg
  • Safety arm releases foot when weight applied
  • Must be more than 40kg in weight to activate safety arm
  • Comes with Ultra-Grip footbed tread


  • Weight:2 lb

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