Horsena Balance Front Riser Gel Dressage Pad




Product Description

Horsena Balance Front Riser Gel Dressage Pad 

The Horsena Dressage Balance Front Riser Gel Pad – is your key to optimal support and balance in dressage. Its anatomical design and gradual front increase provide extra support where needed. By raising the pommel area and seamlessly integrating it with the saddle, this gel pad ensures a perfect fit for both horse and rider. 

The pad features a unique hexagonal no-impact 3D structure with separate open cells, offering discreet shock absorption, slip resistance, and excellent impact absorption capabilities. Relieve pressure, promote horse comfort, and maintain well-being. The central part’s reduced thickness adapts to the horse’s shape, creating a proper space between the saddle and gel for continuous air circulation, ensuring a cool and comfortable environment. Available in Black.

Balance Front Riser Gel Dressage Pad Features 

  • Optimal support 
  • Anatomical 
  • Balance 
  • Front riser 
  • Discreet shock absorption
  • Pressure distribution
  • Seamless integration with saddle
  • Promotes horse comfort
  • One size 


  • Weight:2 lb

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