Horsena Swap Stirrups with Double Side Covers (Out of Stock)




Product Description

Horsena Swap Stirrups with Double Side Covers 

Introducing the innovative Horsena Swap Stirrups – a perfect blend of comfort and safety. These stirrups feature a unique design with a lateral arm that opens to release in case of a fall, ensuring your peace of mind while riding. The anatomically shaped tread pad plays a crucial role in keeping your heels down and promoting the correct foot position at the centre of the stirrup. 

Crafted with precision, the 3D structure of these stirrups offers an exceptional grip, ensuring a secure connection with your boots. Additionally, the well-thought-out holes efficiently expel dirt, keeping your stirrups clean and functional throughout your rides. 

What sets these stirrups apart is their versatility. Thanks to the two interchangeable side covers, you can easily customize your stirrups with different coloured Horsena Extra Stirrup Covers, adding a touch of personal style to your riding experience. Embrace the ultimate riding comfort and style with the Horsena Swap Stirrups. Available in Black.

Swap Stirrups with Double Side Covers Features 

  • High quality stirrups for comfort and safety.  
  •  90° lateral arm opening to release the foot in the event of a fall. 
  • Slightly oriented hook allows a natural leg position.
  •  Tread pad with 5° incline to keep the heels down.
  •  Optimal grip.
  •  Two interchangeable side covers to customise the cover colours. 


  • Weight:2 lb

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