Horseware Amigo Plus Disc Front Stable Blanket 200g




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Horseware Amigo Plus Disc Front Stable Blanket 200g

If you look for optimum quality and versatility in your rugs, choose the Horseware Amigo Stable Plus Disc Front Turnout 200g. As Horseware’s first dual-purpose stable rug, this piece can also act as a liner – a fantastic adaptable option for any horse owner. A disc front closure sits flat on your horse’s chest for a secure fit while the dual leg arches afford plenty of movement and flexibility. Owners can also utilise the liner loops and tabs to adjust and change the weight of the rug. Available with a detachable hood for plenty of coverage and additional warmth on colder days.

Amigo Stable Plus Disc Front 200g Features:

  • 200g fill
  • Disc front closure
  • Dual leg arches for freedom of movement
  • Specially designed to be used with other Horseware Ireland rugs
  • Liner loops for Horseware liners to be added to adjust the weight of your rug
  • Liner tabs on the outer neck to create a different weight


  • Weight:2 lb

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