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Horseware Horsepal

Another incredible innovation from Horseware, introducing Horsepal. Now you can track and monitor your horses wellbeing from your smartphone. Horsepal features a small sensor that attaches to your horses blanket which synchronizes with your Horsepal app on your smartphone or desktop, so you can monitor whilst you’re at work or out and about. Download the app to your smartphone and you’ll be able to add unlimited yards and horses, add additional users so they can monitor your horse whilst you’re away and record vet or farrier appointments. Horsepal features temperature and humidity readings, a blanket recommender and weather forecasting; taking the guesswork out of the equation. You can also store all of your horse’s equine documentation and retrieve this at the touch of a button. This is a must have for every horse owner.

Horsepal Features:

  • Horsepal sensor
  • Battery
  • Adhesive pocket to attach to your rug
  • Tab to attach to your Horsepal sensor
  • Pouch to safety store your Horsepal

Horsepal App Features:

  • Manage multiple stables: Manage staff, Vet and farrier interaction and invoicing.
  • Horse management: Manage multiple horses
  • Temperature and humidity readings every 15 minutes
  • Blanket advisor: Blanket recommender, Weather forecast
  • Horse breeding: Build a family tree for all your horses
  • Horse documentation: Store all of your equine documentation available at the push of a button

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