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Hy Equestrian Thelwell Ponies Fiona and Merrylegs

Hy Equestrian Crafty Ponies and Thelwell have joined hands to introduce the new generation of Thelwell, which is sure to reignite the love for these adorable characters. Fiona and Merrylegs are best of friends and are always on the go, up to their usual mischief. Merrylegs can even stand up by himself and is always ready to cause some chaos while Fiona is not looking.

The gorgeously soft coat is perfect for children to brush, look after and cuddle with, while the traditionally wild Thelwell mane and tail give it an authentic look for children to try and style to their liking. They both look smart when tacked up and ride together through the country lanes, muddy puddles, and fields. Although they are known for causing trouble, you can’t help but love their characterful and lovable expressions. Additionally, the set includes a 26-page activity book inspired by Norman Thelwell’s cartoons.

Thelwell Pony Toy Features: 

  • Genuine characters from the original Thelwell cartoons 
  • Soft enough to use as a cuddly toy 
  • Stand up by themselves
  • Mane and tail can be brushed and plaited
  • Comes with a removable saddle, bridle and rider
  • Exclusive Hy Equestrian x Crafty Ponies x Thelwell collaboration
  • 26 page activity book inspired by Norman Thelwell’s cartoons 


  • Weight:2 lb

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