JHL Essential Fleece Mesh Horse Blanket




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JHL Essential Fleece Mesh Blanket

Finding that happy medium with a cooler can be tricky on some days where the weather is just a bit too cool but you don’t need anything too heavy. The JHL Essential fleece mesh blanket fits that gap with a fleece top and front with mesh side panels. The wicking fabric keeps moisture away from your horse, keeping them comfortable even if the temperature rises. Securely fitted without compromise on movement with a single buckle closure to the front and fastenings to the underside and hind. Finished off at the withers with fleece protection to prevent rubbing.

Essential Fleece Mesh Blanket Features:

  • Wicking fleece fabric
  • Mesh side panels for cooling
  • Adjustable single front buckle
  • Filet string
  • Fleece wither protection
  • Underbelly strap
  • JHL branding to the side


  • Weight:2 lb

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