Kieffer Ultrasoft Tara Snaffle Bridle




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Kieffer Ultrasoft Tara Snaffle Bridle 

The Ultrasoft Tara Snaffle Bridle has a crank flash integrated into the noseband, making the bridle ideal for dressage events. The design of the bridle takes pressure off the sensitive nasal bone and keeps the noseband in the correct position. The noseband curves up into the cheek piece, taking pressure off the cheek bone and allowing room for the bit ring. Available in Black and Brown. 

Tara Snaffle Bridle Features: 

  • Extremely soft Leather 
  • Soft padding to crownpiece 
  • Fineline browband (not lined) with silver coloured metal studs 
  • Curved noseband 
  • Noseband can be buckled on both sides 
  • Crank flash 
  • Web reins included 


  • Weight:2 lb

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