KONG Shakers Honkers Dog Toy


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KONG Shakers Honkers Dog Toy 

Dogs love toys, but it can be difficult to find a toy that will provide enough stimulation for your dog. The Honkers Flamingo, Duck and Turkey from Kong’s Shakers line offers your dog this challenge. This soft plush dog toy can be thrown, pulled or shaken. This stimulates the dog’s chewing instinct or a game of fetch. The Shakers Honkers include a deep squeaker that adds extra fun to play time and ensures a long-lasting bond. Due to the deep tone, it is less annoying for the owner than some high-pitched beeps. The Honkers Flamingo is a beautiful and challenging toy your dog will enjoy chewing.

KONG Shakers Honkers Features: 

  • Long plush toy ideal for tugging and shaking
  • Internal textured neck for natural chewing instinct
  • Floppiness and length are ideal for fetching fun
  • Turkey character for added playtime fun
  • Low-tone squeaker keeps dogs playing
  • Size:
    Small 31.8 x 9.5 x 10cm
    Large 48.3 x 15 x 18cm


  • Weight:2 lb

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