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KONG Sherps Floofs Dog Toy 

The KONG Sherps Floofs Dog Toy has an super plush exterior that is irresistibly snuggly for cuddling between gentle games of indoor fetch. The unique flat squeaker in the body provides full on fun with sounds all around. Crackly material to extend and delight dogs making playtime last longer. Lined for long-lasting fun, dogs of all sizes can easily grab on and play with these adorable adventure buddies. 

KONG Sherps Floofs Features: 

  • Ultra-soft plush for cuddling and gentle fetching 
  • Full body squeaker entices full on fun
  • Double layered for long-lasting playtime
  • Great for catch and grab playtime easy 
  • Crackle sounds entice play 


  • Weight:2 lb

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