KONG Signature Crunch Rope Dog Toy


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Product Description

KONG Signature Crunch Rope Dog Toy

KONG Signature Crunch’s irresistible sound entices dogs to play and keeps them tugging, fetching and thrashing for long bouts of instinct-satisfying, crunchy fun. Its 24″ length makes natural shaking extra rewarding, while the all-time dog favorite tube sock exterior stretches for long-lasting fun. Adding to the fun is it’s the ideal size for a game of tug between two dogs! Available in Red.

Crunch Rope Dog Toy Features:

  • Intriguing crunch engages natural instincts
  • Stretchy sock exterior for long-lasting play
  • Knots extend the tugging engagement
  • 2 Feet in Length and 3 knots for extended fun
  • Soft exterior and crunch sounds reward appropriate play
  • Available in small, medium and large sizes


  • Weight:2 lb

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