KONG Tugger Knots Dog Toy


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Product Description

KONG Tugger Knots Dog Toy

The Tugger Knots Moose and Frog by KONG are tough and interactive toys that dogs can’t resist. These toys are designed for exciting tug-and-shake play sessions. Each toy is equipped with knotted ropes inside, giving them a realistic feel. The ropes extend outside the toys, forming tug handles at both ends, making it easy for your dog to grip and tug. This unique design provides a captivating variety of textures and resistance that dogs absolutely love. Plus, both toys feature a squeaker for additional fun and engagement. They serve as interactive tug and fetch toys, satisfying your dog’s natural chewing needs with the internal rope. The long and floppy shape of the toys also fulfils your dog’s instinct to shake. Get ready to watch your furry friend have a blast with the KONG Tugger Knots Dog toy. Available as a Moose or Frog 

KONG Tugger Knots Dog Toy Features: 

  • Interactive tug and fetch toy with internal rope for natural chewing needs 
  • Two rope handles for easy-grip tugging 
  • Long; floppy toy satisfies instinct to shake
  • Two rope handles for easy-grip tugging 


  • Weight:2 lb

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