KONG Twistz Ring Dog Toy


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Product Description

KONG Twistz Ring Dog Toy 

KONG Twistz is the ultimate toy that combines durability and flexibility to satisfy your dog’s tug and fetch instincts. This ring-shaped toy is designed to provide hours of fun and engagement. With just the right amount of give, it becomes even more tempting for tugging games, and its rolling and bouncy rebounds make playtime more dynamic. The easy-to-grip design is perfect for interactive tug-of-wars between pet parents and can also be enjoyed between two playful pups. 

Not only is the KONG Twistz great on land, but it also floats for added enjoyment during water play and aqua fetching fun. Whether it’s in the pool, at the beach, or any water adventure, this toy adds an extra level of excitement. 

The KONG Twistz features a durable material that ensures ongoing tug and retrieve fun. It is designed to withstand rigorous play and is built to last. Additionally, its uniquely textured surface makes it easy for dogs to grab and hold onto during playtime. 

KONG Twistz Ring Dog Toy Features: 

  • Durable material for ongoing tug and retrieve fun
  • Flexibility and give for enticing tugging games
  • Rolling and bouncy rebounds for dynamic play
  • Easy-to-grip design for interactive tug-of-wars 
  • Floats for aqua fetching play in the water
  • Uniquely textured surface for easy grabbing and holding
  • Size:


  • Weight:2 lb

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