KONG Wobbler Dog Toy


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Product Description

KONG Wobbler Dog Toy

The KONG Wobbler is a unique treat dispensing toy and feeder designed to entertain and challenge your dog. This interactive toy sits upright and requires your dog to push it with their paw or nose, setting off a wobbling, spinning, and rolling motion. As the Wobbler moves, treats are dispensed through a hole near the top, rewarding your dog for their efforts. 

Dogs quickly learn that their actions cause treats to fall out, but the unpredictable movement of the Wobbler keeps the challenge level high, even for experienced users. It provides mental and physical stimulation during playtime, keeping your dog engaged and entertained. The whole family will enjoy watching as your dog interacts with this dynamic toy. 

The KONG Wobbler also serves as a fantastic alternative to a traditional food bowl. By using the Wobbler during feeding time, you can extend the joy and excitement of mealtime for your dog. It slows down their eating pace and prevents unhealthy gulping, promoting healthier digestion. 

Made in the USA, the Wobbler is crafted from durable, FDA food-approved, high-strength polymer. It is designed to withstand the rigours of play and is easy to clean. The Wobbler unscrews for quick filling with treats and is dishwasher safe for convenient maintenance. Available in Red.

Treat Dispensing Dog Toy Features: 

  • Treat-dispensing toy and feeder for dogs 
  • Encourages interactive play and mental stimulation 
  • Upright design that wobbles, spins, and rolls when pushed
  • Treats are dispensed through a hole near the top
  • Unpredictable movement keeps the toy challenging
  • Provides physical activity and entertainment for dogs
  • Alternative to traditional food bowls, promoting healthier eating habits
  • Made in the USA with durable, FDA-food-approved, high-strength polymer
  • Easy to fill and clean, with a top-drawer dishwasher-safe design
  • Suitable for dogs weighing 12kg or more
  • Size:
    small 6″
    large 7.5″


  • Weight:2 lb

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