KONG Wubba Finz Dog Toy


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Product Description

KONG Wubba Finz Dog Toy 

The KONG Wubba Finz is an exciting addition to the KONG toy lineup. Its long floppy tails make it perfect for tugging and provides ample shaking fun, satisfying your dog’s natural thrashing instincts. Inside this toy, you’ll find two balls that add bouncing action and produce an enticing squeaking sound, extending games of catch and release for active playtime.  

Designed to soar through the air, the KONG Wubba Finz is aerodynamically shaped to fling further, making it an excellent choice for fetching activities. Watch as it launches your dog into a frenzy of excitement while promoting healthy exercise.  

Get ready for hours of interactive play with the KONG Wubba Finz, as it combines tugging, shaking, bouncing, and squeaking to engage your dog’s instincts and provide endless entertainment. 

KONG Wubba Dog Toy Features: 

  • Long floppy tails ideal for tugging and shaking 
  • Interior balls for bouncing and squeaking, enhancing play
  • Promotes natural thrashing instincts
  • Designed to soar through the air for fetching activities
  • Provides tons of healthy, active play
  • Engages dogs in interactive and entertaining playtime 


  • Weight:2 lb

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