KONG Wubba Friends Dog Toy


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Product Description

KONG Wubba Friends Dog Toy 

KONG Wubba Friends are delightful dog toys crafted with premium materials such as fleece, nylon, and faux fur, ensuring a super soft and cuddly experience. These toys are perfect for various activities like fetching, tugging, or simply snuggling up with. With their high-quality construction and versatility, KONG Wubba Friends provides hours of fun and companionship for your furry friend. 

Each KONG Wubba Friend features a unique design, and the allocation of designs is done randomly, adding an element of surprise to each purchase. 

KONG Wubba Friends Dog Toy Features: 

  • Made with high-quality fabrics including fleece, nylon, and faux fur
  • Super soft and cuddly texture
  • Suitable for fetching, tugging, and cuddling
  • Randomly allocated designs for added excitement
  • Toys are not indestructible 


  • Weight:2 lb

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