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LeMieux Conductive Magno Blanket

An innovative approach to magnetic therapy with the Lemieux Conductive Magno Blanket. Powerful 2600 gauss twin magnets laid on top of a uniquely designed inner liner containing a durable woven layer of steel fibers, specifically placed to cover shoulder, elbow, hip, stifle and the second thigh.
The steel filaments conduct the powerful magnetic waves evenly around the lining, encapsulating the whole upper body within the magnetic field, working with the additional pairs of magnets aligned either side of the spine.
The benefits of magnetic therapy are widely acknowledged and not just for post exercise. Conductive Magno blanket assists with blood supply to tendons and joints before exercise as well as promoting oxygen supply to tissues and aiding in recovery from fatigue and damage caused by general and extreme exercise and impacts. Also known to promote the production of elastin and collagen, essential for development of new cells.

Conductive Magno Blanket Key Features:

  • Breathable 3D Mesh top side releases any heat build up from the magnets
  • Lightweight mesh of the lower section encourages the air flow up
  • 3-way adjustable belly straps ensure a close secure fit for maximum magnetic effect
  • Promotes oxygen supply to tissues and aids cell regeneration
  • Strategically positioned 2600 gauss twin magnets
  • Supersoft structure
  • Bamboo lining with antibacterial properties


  • Weight:2 lb

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