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LeMieux Conductive Magno Boots

Known promote bloody supply to tendons and joints pre-exercise and aiding in tissue recovery after exercise, the LeMieux Conductive Magno boots are an innovative approach to magnetic therapy for your horse.
Can be worn on the front or hind legs, the unique inner lining of the boot contains a woven layer of steel fibers, position directly under 18 powerful 2600 gauss neodymium magnets. The steel filaments conduct the magnetic waves evenly around the lining, encapsulating the whole leg within the powerful magnetic field.
Breathable with an outer layer of bamboo fibres with wicking and antibacterial properties combined mesh rear vents, aiding in the release of excess heat that can be created by the magnetic field.
An ideal and innovative solution to help keep your horse in good health and at peak performance. The acknowledged benefits of using magnets helps to promote oxygen supply to tissues as well as the production of elastin and collagen essential for cell regeneration. Perfect for supporting healing and minimizing the effects of impacts from exercise on hard ground or just generally extreme exercise.

Conductive Magno Boots Key Features:

  • 18 powerful 2600 gauss neodymium magnets
  • Robust Velcro closure for a secure fit
  • Super soft structure
  • Even spread of magnetic waves created by the special liners enable the Conductive Boots to be used for longer periods of time
  • Sold in pairs
  • Suitable for use on front or hind legs
  • Steel filament lining
  • Bamboo layer for wicking and antibacterial properties
  • Mesh rear vents to aid airflow and cooling


  • Weight:2 lb

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