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LeMieux Dressage Bridle

Crafted with beautiful European leather, the LeMieux Dressage Bridle will ensure your horse looks and feels the part when you step into the ring. The anatomically shaped design features a soft padded cut away around the ears and poll to aid in the distribution of pressure and maximise comfort. LeMieux has also included a crank pad with excellent cushioning and roller buckles on the crank strap and flash for additional comfort. The throat lash fastens discreetly under the jaw for a slimline look. A classic piece of tack with a contemporary twist for maximum performance and style! Pair with the Straight Rubber Reins to complete your look. Available in Black or Brown.

Dressage Bridle Features:

  • Delicate, detachable-shaped clincher browband
  • Statement padded crank noseband
  • The crank pad has excellent cushioning for maximum comfort
  • Roller buckles on the crank strap and flash
  • The throat lash does up discretely under the jaw
  • Matches the Rubber Reins
  • Colors: Black with Silver Fittings and Brown with Silver fittings


  • Weight:2 lb

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