LeMieux Grackle Bridle





Product Description

LeMieux Grackle Bridle

Style and comfort are only one step away with the LeMieux Grackle Bridle. This gorgeous bridle is crafted with soft European leather with decorative stitching for a timeless and elegant look. The nosepiece comes with interchangeable padding at the back; choose between merino wool or a soft leather cushion to suit your style and enhance your horse’s comfort. A featured D-ring on the noseband allows the pieces to sit smoothly against the horse’s cheeks and jaw. This tailored fit ensures the bridle feels comfortable on different jaw shapes, and the back strap can move independently for further versatility. Available in your choice of Black or Havana.

Grackle Bridle Features:

  • Soft European leather options
  • Padded Browband with decorative stitching and branded badge
  • D-ring on noseband
  • Interchangeable padding at the back of the nosepiece; choose between merino wool and soft leather cushion options
  • Colours: Black with Silver Fittings and Havana Brown with Brass fittings


  • Weight:2 lb

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