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LeMieux Kudos Gladiator Fly Blanket

Every horse deserves ultimate protection against harmful UV rays and pesky flies, and LeMieux’s Kudos Gladiator Blanket provides just that. The power-form mesh adapts its weave structure to mould to the shape of your horse over time for an outstanding fit. This intelligent material features a durable nylon and monofilament polyester for a lightweight feel, optimal breathability and a quick-drying finish to keep your horse as comfortable as possible while turned out. The extended-shaped belly flap maximises coverage and features a three-strap closure with a detachable central strap that helps to self-right the rug. A front fastening system distributes pressure evenly to prevent rubbing on sensitive points across the shoulders and chest area. Finish touches include a two-part patented lower skirt system that relieves tension and allows for a better range of movement.

Pair with our Fly Mask Range for ultimate protection!

Kudos Gladiator Fly Rug Features:

  • Ultimate fly protection
  • Intelligent power-form UV mesh
  • Adapts weave structure when snagged
  • Self-righting 3-way belly closure
  • Independent lower skirt
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-static
  • Fly protection


  • Weight:2 lb

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