LeMieux Loire Classic Dressage Square





Product Description

LeMieux Loire Classic Dressage Square

This stylish, LeMieux Loire Classic Dressage Square is sophisticated and traditional, showing style without showing off. This is the most stylish dressage pad LeMieux have ever made, adding 100% natural Bamboo material which controls the heat and sweat, allowing the pad to wick very effectively. Featuring a soft and breathable bamboo lining as well as a woven satin fabric giving the dressage pad a beautiful sheen. Finished with a unique metal badge on a leather mount subtly placed in the lower back corner. Available in a range of colors.

Classic Dressage Square Features:

  • 100% natural Bamboo
  • Woven satin fabric
  • Breathable
  • Textured PU leather girth
  • Metal badge


  • Weight:2 lb

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