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LeMieux Vector Balance Stirrup

Meet the new generation of safety stirrup! The stunning LeMieux Vector Balance Stirrup combines classic style with advanced technical features for the optimal riding experience. Aviation-grade aluminium offers a beautiful strength to weight ratio for a lightweight and durable feel. The robust frame is paired with an ergonomic footplate that includes a cross-tack grip surface mounted on a cushion layer of dynamic polymer. This unique combination not only helps to increase stability but enhances shock absorption too, reducing fatigue in the knees and ankles. A must for any rider! Embedded steel pins secure your boot for maximum security. Finishing touches include an integrated safety arm with a two-stage release system that releases your foot when pressure is applied (such as when a rider falls), preventing you from getting stuck. A beautiful and sleek stirrup to keep you feeling confident and safe while in the saddle. Available in a range of colours.

Vector Balance Stirrup Features:

  • Aviation grade aluminium
  • Weight: 419g each
  • Ergonomic footplate set at 5° with a cross-tack grip surface and dynamic polymer cushioning
  • 70% compression rating
  • Reduces fatigue to the knees and ankles
  • Embedded hardened steel pins
  • Twin balance arch system for even weight distribution
  • Integrated spring-loaded safety arm with a two-stage release system


  • Weight:2 lb

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