LeMieux X Grip Twin Sided EuroJump Saddle Pad





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LeMieux X Grip Twin Sided EuroJump Saddle Pad

LeMieux X Grip Twin Sided EuroJump Square provides maximum saddle stability, shock absorbency and grip on a wide range of saddle pads. The unique 3-layer design combines an X-grip silicone top side, blast foam core and Acavallo gel underside to create a highly effective pad. A low-density foam core aids saddles to bed down and stabilises whilst the X-grip Acavollo gel creates a non-slip surface. Twin-sided technology makes this an elite product and a must-have. The EuroJump design marks an exciting collaboration with the No1 showjumper Scott Brash. This pad has been developed to precisely fit the cut of modern jumping saddles and the high cut wither and swept up back avoids catching the leg of the rider. The Bamboo lining absorbs and controls sweat under the saddle and helps the saddle to stay secure. 

X Grip Twin Sided EuroJump Square Features:

  • Scott Brash collaboration design
  • Twin-sided design
  • Iconic LeMieux cut
  • Maximum saddle stability
  • Shock absorbent
  • 3-layer design
  • Acavallo gel
  • X-grip silicone
  • High cut wither
  • Three inner locking hoops for more girthing options


  • Weight:2 lb

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