Mark Todd Deluxe 5-Point Breastplate

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Mark Todd Deluxe 5-Point Breastplate

The Mark Todd Deluxe 5-Point Breastplate is crafted from soft leather with lovely stainless-steel buckles. The 5-point breastplate has been designed to help prevent the saddle slipping backwards and attaches to 5 points of the saddle to help achieve this. With the top strap fastening with a trigger clip to the D-ring for ease of use, lower strap to attach at the side of the girth and then onto the girth itself. The adjustable running martingale attachment is detachable giving you the option to remove them if not require. Whilst securing your saddle in place the Mark Todd Deluxe 5-Point Breastplate has elastic inserts and sheepskin pads to offer your horse more comfort as the pressure is spread over a larger surface area. Available in Black or Havana.

5-Point Breastplate Features:

  • Elastic Inserts
  • Trigger Clip attachment
  • Made from Soft Leather


  • Weight:2 lb

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