Mini LeMieux Pony Toy Skye




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Mini LeMieux Pony Toy Skye

The elegant Skye loves dressage and makes for a fantastic friend. Her beautiful black coat, mane and tail is lovely and soft and gives young riders the perfect opportunity to practice their horse grooming and care. She stands securely on all four legs and is flexible, too, making her safe for young children. Of course, no dressage pony is complete without their accessories. Pair Skye with the Mini LeMieux Pony Toy Collection for a show-stopping look.

Mini Pony Skye Toy Features:

  • 50cm from nose to tail
  • 30cm from hoof to wither
  • Plaitable mane and tail
  • A soft coat, perfect for brushing and looking after
  • Skye’s horsebox turns inside out to become a luxury stable
  • Sky has a passport and instructive care booklet
  • Suitable for ages 3 years +


  • Weight:2 lb

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