Premier Equine Favoloso Anatomic Bridle with Crank Noseband

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Premier Equine Favoloso Anatomic Bridle with Crank Noseband 

Experience the ultimate in comfort and quality with Premier Equine’s anatomic bridle, expertly crafted using high-quality Italian leather. This bridle is meticulously shaped to contour around your horse’s ears, nose, and cheekbones, providing a comfortable and ergonomic fit like no other. 

One of the standout features of our anatomic bridle is the anatomically shaped and padded poll piece. This design ensures that pressure is distributed over the less sensitive areas of the poll, keeping it away from the ears and enhancing your horse’s comfort. 

The browband of the Favoloso bridle is also thoughtfully shaped, creating definition and featuring a round raised design accompanied by soft padding. This adds an elegant touch to the overall look. 

The unique crank noseband is another feature that sets our bridle apart. The curved design of the noseband avoids contact with the horse’s cheekbones, relieving pressure and potentially improving performance. Crank nosebands, popular in dressage bridles, can be tightened securely without creating a pinching effect, and our design ensures that no buckles press against the horse’s skin. 

To complete the stunning look, our anatomic bridle is finished with premium quality stainless steel fastenings and elegant stitching. Anatomic bridles are particularly suitable for sensitive or young horses who can benefit from the enhanced comfort they provide. Give your horse the comfort they deserve with our anatomic bridle. 

Combine your anatomic bridle with our range of Reins and explore our premium collection of Martingales & Breastplates for a complete and coordinated look. Elevate your horse’s style and performance with our anatomic bridle and accessories. Available in Black and Dark Brown. 

Premier Equine Favoloso Anatomic Bridle with Crank Noseband Features: 

  • Italian leather bridle 
  • Anatomically shaped soft padded poll piece 
  • Soft, padded and shaped browband with round raised design and ‘PE’ branded brooch either side 
  • Cheek pieces with billet fastenings 
  • Throat lash, adjustable at both sides 
  • Anatomically shaped soft padded crank noseband with flash attachment 
  • Flash strap included 
  • Stainless steel buckles and billets 
  • Reins not included 


  • Weight:2 lb

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