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Premier Equine Mossimo Cavesson Bridle 

Introducing Premier Equine’s delicately styled cavesson noseband bridle, designed to exude elegance with its refined appearance. Every detail of this bridle is carefully considered, from the beautiful contrast stitching to the finer leather straps, resulting in a truly sophisticated look. 

Enhancing both style and comfort, the padded poll piece ensures your horse’s comfort while the secure placement of the noseband over the top ensures an even pressure for heightened performance. The round raised browband adds an extra touch of luxury, featuring two rows of detailed contrast stitching that sets this bridle apart from the rest, making a statement of distinction. 

The cavesson noseband follows suit with the same exquisite rows of stitching, while also incorporating a round raised design and padded construction for maximum comfort for your horse. The meticulous craftsmanship extends to the carefully crafted leather keepers and stainless steel buckles, giving the bridle a professional finish. 

Perfect for everyday riding or for turning heads in competitions, this bridle is an excellent choice for riders who appreciate both style and functionality.  

Complete your ensemble by combining our anatomical bridle with our range of reins, ensuring a seamless and coordinated look. And for those seeking the ultimate in sophistication, explore our premium range of Martingales & Breastplates to add the finishing touches to your horse’s elegant attire. Available in Black and Dark Brown. 

Premier Equine Mossimo Cavesson Bridle Features: 

  • Italian leather bridle 
  • Soft padded poll piece with contrast stitching 
  • Soft padded browband with round raised design, contrast stitching and ‘PE’ branded brooch either side 
  • Cheek pieces with billet fastenings and contrast stitching 
  • Throat lash, adjustable at both sides 
  • Soft padded cavesson noseband with contrast stitching 
  • Stainless steel buckles and billets 
  • Reins not included 


  • Weight:2 lb

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