PS of Sweden GP Noseband

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Product Description

PS of Sweden GP Noseband

Black and white contrasts perfectly on this traditionally designed PS of Sweden GP noseband. The new anatomical shape with the leather being drop shaped and soft padding that is slightly wider over the top of the nose for superb fit and give you the edge in the dressage arena.

The anatomical design with round sewn cheek pieces avoids direct pressure to the cheekbones and sensitive nerves across the horses head.

Made from high quality English eco-friendly and tanned to its colour using vegetable based tanning methods.

GP Noseband Features:

  • Traditional noseband with anatomic shape
  • Round sewn cheek pieces with incorporated nylon binding to prevent stretching
  • Curved design is to avoid pressure to the cheekbones
  • Attached with an extra padded pullback buckle
  • Avoids pressure on the sensitive nerves on the horses head
  • English eco-friendly tanned leather
  • Approved by FEI in all disciplines

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